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Welcome to Singer Instruments & Control Ltd.

We deliver simple solutions

to complex problems

Singer Instruments & Control specializes in the development, design and production of instruments and systems for industrial, medical and defense applications. With the help of our experienced engineering team, well trained production manpower and modern assembly and test facilities, we deliver the products to customers around the world.

Medical Projects
Medical Projects
Complex miniaturized electro-mechanical, electro-magnetic and micro-motion systems. Electronic pills, catheters & transducers, Implants & surgical tools.
ISO 13485 certified
Defense Projects
Defense Projects
Extremely accurate measurement devices, miniaturized servos, trackers, actuators, sensors. Rugged and robust  complex electromechanical systems – full military qualifications.
AS9100 certified
Industrial Projects
Industrial Projects
Sensors, solenoids, actuators and complex electro-mechanical systems for all applications. Mini motors, sophisticated control systems and smart tailored integrative solutions.
AS9100 certified


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