We Manufacture LVDTs, Inclinometers and other Transducers

At Singer Instruments we specialize in R&D, design and production of Layer Wound LVDT, miniature size LVDT, Auto Zero Inclinometer, Radiation Resistant Inclinometer and other transducers and sensors, as well as signal conditioner electronics, solenoids and integrated systems. We design and manufacture as sub contractors, under ISO 9001:2000
and ISO 13485:2003 for
medical devices.

Sub micron resolution LVDT and GAGE-HEADs
World's Smallest LVDT
Sub micron resolution
2.3 mm (0.09") O.D.

USB LVDT Controller
USB LVDT Controller
21 bit resolution
1 to 4 channels
Dual-Axis Auto-Zero Servo-Inclinometer
World's Most Accurate Inclinometer
0.001° total error over extreme environmental conditions
Servo Inclinometer
Servo Inclinometer
0.0001° resolution
We are Certified:    
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