Patented Auto-Zero Ultra Accurate Inclinometers
We manufacture Auto-Zero Inclinometers, a novel design for an ultra accurate inclinometer. Featuring internal bias correction mechanism to eliminate temperature, shock, and time effects. Zero drift expected over a 10 year period is less than 0.001 degrees.
Auto Zero Servo Inclinometer model FTSUAuto Zero Servo Inclinometer model FTSU
Servo Inclinometers / Accelerometers
Closed looped inclinometers offer high-accuracy resolution, excellent zero-stability repeatability. Analog output or digital.
Radiation Resistant Inclinometers
Our Radiation Resistance Servo Inclinometer is used in nuclear power plants, with radiation up to 10^7 rad Gamma.

Radiation Resistant Servo Inclinometr model TS2R
Mems Based Inclinometers
Single and dual axis, USB output, analog output or RS232 digital output. Low cost inclinometer for general purpose use.
Mems Based Inclinometer