Battery Operated Servo-Inclinometer / Accelerometer, TSB Series


  • Operates from a single 9V battery, 3mA current
  • Low range acceleration/tilt sensor
  • High accuracy closed loop operation
  • Infinite resolution
  • Excellent repeatability
  • High environmental resistance
  • Fast response
  • Low power unregulated supply
  • High level, low impedance output


Measuring range ±0.1g, up to ±1g ±5 to ±90 degrees
Non-linearity error 1) 0.01%FR typ 0.01%FR typ
Resolution <0.00001g <1 arc-sec
Non-repeatability & Hysteresis 0.005% FR
Sensitive axis misalignment < 0.5 deg
Cross-axis sensitivity <0.002g/g
Bias <0.1% FR
Power supply 9VDC @ 3mA unregulated (7 to 12VDC)
Output ±5v FS @ 10 mA max.
Output impedance <10 Ω
Step response 50 msec
Zero temperature coefficient 2 arc-sec /C° typ
Span temperature coefficient 0.01%/C° typ
Temperature range (C°) -30 to +70 operating      -40 to +85 survival
Maximum overload 100g constant acceleration
Shock survival 250g, 11msec
Housing material Sulphuric anodized # 2024 Aluminum alloy
Weight 100 grams


  1. Non-linearity error defined as maximum deviation of any point from the best straight line, in percents of the full measuring range.


Battery Operated Servo-Inclinometer / Accelerometer, TSB Series - Dimensions