LVDT Digital Signal Conditioner EL-35 Series

EL-35 is a full function Digital Signal Conditioner for 4, 5 or 6 wire LVDTs.

In the analog output version, it is an exact replacement for EL-15, including card and holes dimensions.

Both analog output and digital output card versions have identical dimensions and connectors.

In the digital output version the card includes 21 bit A to D, digital GAIN and ZERO adjustments and RS232 communication channel, as well as analog output.

Both analog and digital output cards can be supplied without trimmers. Choosing digital calibration option enables giving up ZERO and GAIN trimmers to improve stability and resolution. Digital calibration for the analog version can be done in the factory only.

Factory linearization polynomial correction function can reduce non linearity error down to 2 microns, regardless of stroke.

Three 16 pin connector options: Amtek Ejector Header with flat cable, or MOLEX C-Grid III™ with 28AWG wires, or multi position terminal block.

Digital output version enables data acquisition when connected to a PC, and TXT or DOC files for further analyses.

EL-35A and EL-35B supplied with mating connector, and 30 cm long wires.

Digital output version supplied with software CD for Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP.


  • Pin to pin replacement for EL-15 card
  • Same dimensions as EL-15
  • Power supply: unregulated ±12 to ±15 Volt DC
  • Compatible with 4, 5 or 6 wire LVDTs
  • Optional on board ZERO and GAIN trimmers, or digital calibration
  • 3 connector options
  • 4 holes for #4 UNC screws


LVDT Excitation  
     Voltage 3.5 V rms @ 30 mA max
     Frequency 5 kHz max
     Voltage ±7 Volt DC max, or RS232
     Current 10 mA max
Power supply requirements ±12 VDC unregulated, @ 30 mA (no load)
Trimmer Adjustments (when installed)  
     Zero  ±0.8V total
     Gain up to x8, trimmer adjustable
Non linearity  < 0.01% of FS
Operating temperature range -20C° to +85C°
Temperature Coefficient <0.01% of FS / C°
Warm up time  5 minutes max

How to Order

Order by model number
Model Number EL-35A for Amtek Ejector Header
Model Number EL-35B for MOLEX C-Grid III™
Model Number EL-35C for Multi position Termination block

For analog version use – Analog suffix.
For digital version use – Digital suffix.

Example: EL-35B-Digital, means EL-35 card with MOLEX, C-Grid III™ connector and digital output.

Dimensions (mm) Wiring
EL – 35A

EL – 35B

EL – 35C